coming home…

Coming home. Makes me smile just thinking about it. K and I are jumping on a plane Thursday to go home for three weeks. We are both excited beyond words. Not only do we get to spend time with family and friends but we also get to celebrate my sister’s wedding. It’s going to be a great time. Now I just have to get myself through the next three days and then the two days of travel. Fortunately, for us, we have a longer layover in Amsterdam where we are able to take a train into the city and see some good friends for an hour or two. It will break up the long flights back to Seattle.

I cannot wait to be in cooler weather, to drive on paved roads, to drink good coffee, sleep on soft beds, and to hug my family and friends. Before we scheduled this trip home it did not feel like we had been gone for that long, but now that I know we are going home it feels like I have not been there forever and every second I have to wait until I am there feelings like an eternity.

Also some very exciting news… Birdie will be joining us in the states! K and I have been talking about when to transition her back to the states and the timing has worked out just right for this trip. Birdie’s journey will be slightly longer than ours as she has to make a short visit to Uganda before she can fly to the states, but she will be stateside within a week or so of us. It will be a bit of an adjustment as she is not a fan of rain or any kind of water, but then again she is a street dog, who is highly adaptable.

Its not long now, only four more sleeps and we will be on our way. See you soon Seattle!


things I am missing…

K and I have been living in Zimbabwe for almost 5 months. We are loving our adventures and experiencing a different culture. However, there are days where we just miss home. Its mostly family and friends that we are missing, but there are a few other things that we are missing. K mentions Costco every now and then with longing in his eyes. He also mentioned that he would love if Zimbabwe could get a good auto-parts store… if anyone is looking for a new business venture. I on the other hand would love a stroll through Whole Foods, and then a good long afternoon at Target. But again those are minor in comparison to the family and friends we would like to spend time with.

I collected a list of 10 items that I have missed in the last few days. Its nothing extravagant, just little things that make home so good. Think of me the next time you enjoy one of the items on the list.

Nail Polish

Yarn Stores

A Blender

Mexican Food


Cook Books

Hair Dryer

My Leather Couch

My Automatic Transmission Car

J-Crew Flip-flops

Like I said, nothing extravagant, but just a few comforts from home. Good news, we should be hearing about our next project funding any day so get ready for the big announcement. Its been a long time of waiting and we are more than ready to find out where we will be next month! Gotta love those pins and needles we’ve been on this last month… oh wait I don’t have to love them?!