sister is getting married…

I want to write this post in all caps because I am that excited. My amazing sister is getting married in a few weeks, and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around her and jump up and down to celebrate. This is the trouble of living so far apart, I have not been able to squeeze her and lay on her bed and dream about the perfect wedding. I mean we have some serious catching up on girlie sister time. Firstly, I need a re-inactment of the proposal. Then, we need to go dress shopping, where I pick out the ugliest wedding dresses for her to try on… and when she looks at me like I am crazy I’ll say “Don’t say no until you try it on.” And then we would laugh as she walks out of the dressing room in all kind of lace and tool.

I've got a gift for picking out the perfect dress.

I’ve got a gift for picking out the perfect dress.

We also are overdue on girlie sleepovers that include watching “Ten Things I have About You” and watching the wedding scene from “Sound of Music” at least three times. We also should be on wedding bootcamp which would include running green lake and then having coffee and taste wedding cakes. I mean I am dedicated to making sure sister’s wedding is perfect!

You have to have more than a taste to really know if its the cake for you.

You have to have more than a taste to really know if its the cake for you.

So as you can see I am anxious to get home and commence these sisterly duties. Only a few more days until the Vetter girls are back together and wedding mania can officially begin. Sister, you got a ring on your finger so there is no reason to hold back now! (And just imagine we both thought at one point we would be nuns… we would have been crappy nuns!)

Don't you wish you were a sister?

Don’t you wish you were a sister?


adusting to life in Juba…

I find it super amazing as to what become normal in a very short period of time. We are coming up on being in Juba for a week now and most of life here seems to be pretty normal. When we left Seattle a week ago we were freezing; wearing sweaters, coats, sleeping in hoodies and down comforters. Today we are sweating wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sleeping without even a top sheet. And it all seems normal. We even went out for drinks on Friday night with some of our colleges at NP. Even the steady diet of rice and beans seems to be normalizing in both our heads and our stomachs.

There are still somethings that seem to be a bit harder to get used to, like the lack of internet. It took me the better part of the morning to email my family yesterday. K is working so very hard to see what we can do to increase our internet capacity and if anyone can do it, it is him. But in the mean time there will be a lack of pictures on the blog. But hopefully that will be changing soon.

We are still processing the last few weeks before we left home. It was a crazy hard time for us as K’s Dad passed away four days before we left for Juba. We haven’t had a lot of down time to really process out all the events of the last few weeks, but are extremely grateful for the time we had with family and friends. I am convinced that K and I have the best friends a couple could ever have. Ever. We have been completely blow away by the love and support.

Well there is a Saturday market that is calling my name, so that is all for now. More adventures to come.

the great eye debacle of 2012 part two…

That knock came about 4pm when K phoned and told me he would not be able to make it home that evening. Several thoughts ran through my head. “What!” “No drops?!” (At this point I was freezing empty soda cans and placing them against my eye to numb the pain… needless to say I was really looking forward those drops) I tried to play it off that it was no big deal, cause I knew that K wanted to get home as much as I wanted him home that night. It just wasn’t in the cards. Driving at night isn’t recommended here inZimbabwe. Highways are extremely dangerous due to poor vision and car hijacking road blocks. Our team as a rule does not drive at night. So when K was doing the math on the hours he still had left to travel and the time the sun was due to set he knew he just wasn’t going to make it. I’m proud of him for making the right call… but at the time I was having a hard time seeing… literally I couldn’t see so much out of my right eye.

But being the strong independent type I told him to be safe and I’ll be just fine alone for the night. Now I’ve spent the night alone many times. I used to house sit all the time for friends and never thought twice. But of course it’s different when you are living inSeattleand can call a friend or my cousin Kenny to come spend the time if you get nervous about being alone at night. K knew I would get a bit nervous so he suggested having our housekeeper stay the night. Perfect idea, except I had just seen two women walk by with suitcases on their head heading for our housekeepers house; she had over night guests staying with her. (For the record I’ve never once seen her have overnight guests, but Wednesday night she had a full house.) And I had a very empty house. But I kept myself entertained with bad TV shows and perfecting my frozen soda can rotation so that my eye was always numb.

I went through the evening routine, greeting the guard that comes at 6pm (its always wise to be nice to the guy who guards your house at night) turning on the right lights and locking doors and closing windows so that bugs don’t come in. (I mean the bugs come in just at a slower rate if you close the windows) I was feeling good, the electricity gods were on my side because the power remained on the entire evening and I didn’t have to mess with the generator. (thank you electricity gods) It was getting close to 8:30pm which I’ve determined bedtime. (Not time to sleep but just time to be under my mosquito net in bed, don’t judge the night life in Gokwe is pretty chill, like there isn’t any)

I curled up in bed with my computer and began watching more stupid shows and listening for anything out of the ordinary. I was growing tired so I decided to turn of my computer and go to sleep. Besides the dreams of hatching bugs inside my body the night passed without any excitement. (which I am grateful for) K arrived just after 7:30am which stories I’ll leave for him to share. But I began the drops for my eye and saw results in the color and felt relief from the pain.  I had one last trip to visit some government officials on Thursday so I quickly thanked K for the drops and hopped in the car to set out for the day.

That evening we packed the remaining belongings of our little home and prepared to leave the next morning. We laughed as we compared our last move from our condo inSeattleto our move from Gokwe. Each move was stressful and eventful in its own way. I did miss all our friends coming over and helping pack like they did in ourSeattlemove. But we had way less things to pack in Gokwe.

Now we are inHararejust waiting to see if the proposal we submitted to OFDA will be approved. OFDA has given us a timeline of 4-6 weeks until we hear back on a submitted proposal. IF we get the green light then K and I will be moving down to a small town called Plumtree with a college of ours and we will be starting another rainwater harvesting project. If we get the red light well then we will have some decisions to make. Plans are very much up in the air right now but we are enjoying our adventure one day at a time.