ending the silence to build a maternity ward…

There has been a long period of silence on this little blog. Its been mostly intentional, but you know how life gets busy and perhaps the silence lasts a bit longer than one might have intended. During the last eight months K and I have had some rather life altering changes and have transitioned back to the states. We are extremely happy to be home and among family and friends, but there is a sense of loss that we have both felt on and off since leaving our crazy life in South Sudan. There is a crazy feeling of purpose and drive you get when you work in a crisis situation and you miss it when you are no longer apart of that kind of work.
I experenced that feeling for the first time when I volunteered with Mercy Ships in West Africa over ten years ago and I imagine that K and I will always gravitate to some kind of emergency and relief work throughout of lives. It’s totally life changing and you cannot begin to look at the world the same way after experiencing it. And this is why today I am breaking the silence on the blog because we are on the verge of another life altering experience of becoming parents. As I am less than three weeks away from my due date there is a a new project that is extremely close to my heart and filling my sense of purpose and drive. A friend of mine who I met in Sierra Leone, West Africa over ten years ago is raising money to build a maternity ward in the very place where we first met. The project is called Somebody’s Mama. Please take a look and read about the project and consider donating whatever you can to help. But let me give you a few reasons for why a maternity ward is so very much needed in Sierra Leone. (I borrowed these facts and pictures from the Somebody’s Mama FB page)

“Sierra Leone has the 4th worst maternal mortality rate on earth. Most people live on less than $1 a day. For a population of 6 million people, there are only 200 doctors, 3 of which are OBGyns. Despite the fact that Sierra Leone launched a program to provide free healthcare for all pregnant and post-natal women in 2010, is simply too difficult for many of these women to travel the distance to the nearest hospital or clinic.

This clinic will cover the needs of nearly 1/4 of the population of Sierra Leone.

These women need a safe place to deliver.

THAT is why we are building a maternity ward.”


This soon to be Mama, who is incredibly blessed to have a wonderful hospital a mere seven minute drive from my home is asking you to be a part of this project. I am asking you to feel the sense of purpose and drive to change a small part of world for both Mamas and children. Click here to donate to the Somebody’s Mama Project.

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